Announcement - SEEITEK's Global Strategic Partnership with Key Options

June 1, 2023


Release Date July 27, 2022


KeyOptions and SEEITEK announce their strategic partnership to bring world-leading SATiS asset monitoring & management technology solutions to Australia & New Zealand.

- KeyOptions announces its strategic partnership with SEEITEK creating a powerful collaboration bringing world-leading innovative technology solutions and specialist expertise to solve critical and complex energy & asset performance management problems for commercial businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

- KeyOptions is a technology and development firm delivering world-leading disruptive solutions for military, government, defence and commercial sectors. SATiS is a powerful asset management and monitoring technology that provides a unique combination of sensing and location performance, low-power and affordability. SATiS data analytics engine has an easy-to-use presentation suite, visualising asset performance management, productivity, safety and operational efficiency.

- SEEITEK is a Melbourne-based technology company providing world-leading innovative real-time transparency technology solutions, unparalleled analytics, extensive technical expertise and responsive service to solve energy and asset performance management problems for commercial, industrial, mining and energy utilities businesses in Australia & New Zealand. SEEITEK empowers businesses by connecting them to proven & trusted technology.

- As part of SEEITEK’s expansion to add complementary wireless transparency technology product & service solutions and specialist expertise to their existing range, SEEITEK will strategically partner with KeyOptions to be an exclusive distributor and representative of the SATiS RTLS (real-time locationing system) solutions range in Australia and New Zealand for the mining, industrial, commercial, smart factories and energy & utilities sectors.

-With 25+ year industry experience and deep technical expertise SEEITEK will deliver capability that commercial businesses need to scale and support the deployment of the SATiS solutions range of product and services. Powered by KeyOptions, SEEITEK will deliver projects with world leading RTLS technology and specialist expertise. SEEITEK will bring SATiS to Australian and New Zealand businesses, who will now be able to achieve advanced operational efficiency, compliance and safety metrics by monitoring and managing indoor/outdoor location, temperature, humidity, air quality, light, orientation and motion – using a proven and trusted technology with superior precision accuracy, unrivalled application versatility, as well as exceptional reliability and durability in harsh metallics environments.

- The Founders and executive team of both companies have a long-existing relationship. This exciting strategic partnership forms part of a mutually beneficial expansion for both organisations. By joining forces, the strategic partnership enables both companies to solve similar critical and complex problems for their current and future clients with enhanced technology capability & expertise.

“Our partnership with KeyOptions will be a powerful collaboration that offers immense value for our current and future commercial clients in the mining, industrial, commercial, smart factories and energy and utilities sectors.” said Peter Collins, SEEITEK’s Founder and Managing Director.  “SEEITEK are ideally suited to represent the SATiS range Australia-wide and in New Zealand as we’re highly experienced in working with innovative technology to solve critical & complex asset and energy performance management problems. We’re excited to offer another world-leading technology to new market sectors. Our existing and new clients will gain immense value by integrating RTLS at their sites and workplaces -being able to find, monitor and manage anything or anyone with superior accuracy. Projects will be delivered successfully with significant performance improvement outcomes utilizing our deep industry insight, extensive local and global technical expertise and responsive service.”

SEEITEK will offer the entire range of SATiS solutions & services, providing businesses with another level of comprehensive visibility for assets, locations and overall operations; SATiS combines location, temperature, humidity, air quality & integration of energy insights data sets - with simplicity and ease.

“We are excited to partner with SEEITEK’’ said Rick Wylie, Chief Executive Officer of KeyOptions. “We are extremely confident that our SATiS range of asset management technology solutions will be a perfect match for SEEITEK’s clients. SEEITEK has proven that they have the best technical expertise in their regions to provide first-class SATiS deployments, technical support and customer success”.

The SATiS product range provides superior technology hardware and data analytics to manage the movement of assets and people behaviour in many locations. Successfully deployed initially in the aerospace manufacturing industry and with global freight forwarders monitoring shipping containers globally, SATiS can be used in smart factories, and communities, warehousing, hospitals, defence, government and commercial locations.

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KeyOptions specialises in monitoring people movement, asset management, security and unique energy solutions that offer real-time analytics for commercial and government applications. A number of the KeyOptions team are ex-military and highly specialised, having worked in complex and challenging environments and on many leading-edge technology integration projects globally that required delivering innovative and transformational outcomes. KeyOptions has a global presence with offices in Melbourne, UK & Latin America with partners in USA, Europe, Middle East & Pacific / Asia Regions.  

SEEITEK – Making it Visible™

SEEITEK are specialists in connecting businesses with simple, affordable innovation and expertise that makes energy and asset performance visible. SEEITEK is a Melbourne-based technology company providing world-leading innovative real-time transparency technology solutions, unparalleled analytics, specialist technical expertise and responsive service to solve energy and asset performance management problems for commercial, industrial, mining and energy & utilities businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

SEEITEK empowers businesses with the confidence to manage and control energy and assets, utilising over 25 years of deep commercial and industrial experience in HVAC/R, smart facilities and buildings, energy efficiency and IOT technologies, as well as national and international commercial sales. SEEITEK is an exclusive global partner for Centrica Business Solutions’ Panoramic Power™ wireless real-time energy monitoring solution in Australia and New Zealand.

Delivering for commercial client’s significant performance improvements and fast payback with their medium & large-scale projects – namely in the areas of cost reduction, operational optimisation and asset life-cycle extension.

SEEITEK’s trademarked phrases for use:

Making it visible™

Empowering you with transparency technology™

Delivering the best, with ease™  



Peter Emery

Chief Marketing Technology Officer

KeyOptions Limited.


Monika Karwan

Communications & Marketing Director