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Energy management for manufacturers is now easier, and more cost effective

Unlock your energy productivity with world-best-in-class transparency technology  

Get visibility of all your electricity, water, gas, heat, air, temperature usage + operational production data in a single view

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Centrica Pan-10 Install dozens within minutes
Pan-12 Little or no downtime

Easily manage all your equipment and production operation energy in real-time

> Holistically manage energy consumption and waste for single and multiple sites
> Instantly find your hidden costly inefficiences, anomlies & equipment failures
> Improve your operational asset's energy performance metrics quickly
> Significantly reduce your maintenance errors, spend and downtime
> Identify productivity opportunities to improve your competitiveness
> Accelerate your energy cost and emission reduction outcomes
> Become a truly sustainable by achieving energy excellence

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Data CollectionData monitoring "Capture unparalleled energy data"Analysis and action

Get control of your energy costs with completely wireless IoT real-time energy monitoring

Data collection

Self-powered and non-intrusive Panoramic Power™ wireless sensors, combined with PowerRadar™ or 3rd party meters for water, gas, heat, air and temperature collect real‑time energy data of assets and equipment

Highly detailed data collected from the sensors or meters can be integrated to your existing platform with no
need to replace existing BMS or IoT systems.
Real-time current data transmitted every 10 seconds.
Importantly, the data is safely owned by you.

Data monitoring

Sensors and pulse meters collect data and deliver it in real‑time to the Panoramic Power™ Gen 4+ Bridge

The Gen 4+ Bridge delivers energy data via the cloud to the complimentary no subscription fee or locked in contract energy management platform PowerRadar™

The cloud-based technology utilises and adheres to strict security and privacy standards to keep your network
and critical assets safe

Analysis & action

PowerRadar™ provides a powerful, simple end-to-end energy intelligence platform to understand your site usage profile - in a single view

The analytics platform provides flexibility to view, manage
& report your energy from anywhere, whilst retaining confidence that your data is safe

Use intelligence from PowerRadar™ or the software
of your choice to develop an informed, data-driven
business cost management strategy

PowerRadar - simple, end-to-end energy intelligence platform

 Manage your energy + production operational data for multiple sites, located anywhere in the world, in a single view

Highly accurate device level data
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PowerRadar™ is a powerful real‑time data analytics dashboard with seamless integration capabilities

Actionable energy intelligence from single and multiple sites and individual devices for multi-users on desktop & mobile app
Real-time 24/7 trigger alerts identify inefficiency, anomolies or failures, minimising risk, helping you manage costs
PowerRadar is easy-to-use and energy data retrieval is simple - and you own your own data
Standard and customised autogenerated energy reporting to your specific unlimited needs

Your operational production data can now be easily and securely integrated
No subscription fee or locked in contract to visualise your energy data

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Panoramic Power
Self-powered completely wireless miniature sensors and power meters

Simple, quick snap‑on, non‑intrusive and requiring no maintenance Cost-effective installation in minutes, with no downtime disruption

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Hardware capable of collecting data from third party power meters for water, gas, heat, air, temperature – with pulse outputs

Centrica’s Panoramic Power™ cutting-edge technology offers a comprehensive range of cost-effective, snap-on easy to install energy monitoring CT sensors and complementary real‑time data intelligence to lower costs & improve operational efficiency

CT sensors are available for different current ranges, cable sizes and panel requirements
Real-time data is sent to PowerRadar™ cloud-based energy management platform or 3rd party software of your choice

Panoramic Power
Self-powered completely wireless sensors & power meters

For granular energy monitoring of individual circuits and devices
For sub‑metering and monitoring of main powerlines and large devices

Pan-10 Wireless Sensor

PAN-10 Wireless Sensor

Pan-12 Wireless sensor

PAN-12 Wireless Sensor

Pan-14 Wireless Sensor

PAN-14 Wireless Sensor

Pan-42 Power Meter

PAN-42 Power Meter

Panoramic Power
Gen 4+ (LTE) Bridge

For making your energy data intelligence visible  

Panoramic Power in action
Panoramic Power Gen 4+ (LTE) Bridge

Gen 4+ (LTE) Bridge

  • Supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi and LTE network connectivity (with 3G fallback)
  • Plug-and-play installation with flexible mounting options
  • Provides a real-time view of energy usage at the individual equipment or device level
  • Field-upgradable firmware
  • Initial configuration (built-in web interface)
  • Integrates with 3rd party meters for gas, heat, air and water using built-in pulse inputs
  • Over-the-air upgrades can be enabled to receive latest firmware automatically from PowerRadar™

Delivers energy data and reporting from Panoramic Power™ wireless sensors and power meters for visualisation
and analysis in the PowerRadar™ energy management platform; and any third-party software