Announcement - SEEITEK Global Partnership with Renteknik Group Inc.

April 13, 2023

SEEITEK and Renteknik Group announce global partnership to deliver the ultimate in innovative & customised operational and energy performance solutions, with highly specialized energy engineering services

-        Australian company SEEITEK Pty Ltd are excited to announce a global partnership with Canada, UK & LATAM based Renteknik Group Inc. creating a powerful collaboration combining operational & energy performance experts with highly specialized energy engineering expertise, best-in-class IOT technology and exceptionally responsive end-to-end technical solutions service & support.

-        The SEEITEK + Renteknik partnership exists to find and solve critical and complex operational and energy problems and opportunities, to optimize business performance globally. SEEITEK leading projects in the APAC and Asia region.

-        The partnership was formed to meet the fast-growing performance and sustainability needs and high service expectations of their existing and future multinational and national clients. With a particular focus driven by demand from the manufacturing sector within the global and APAC region. Specifically, a need for a premium end-to-end but flexible solution with specialist technical expertise that’s innovative and customisable, utilizing best-in-class IoT technology, delivered on time, on budget, fully backed with responsive & reliable service that’s global and local.

-        Since 2021, SEEITEK and Renteknik teams led by Managing Director Peter Collins and President Darren Cooper, have been successfully working together on projects internationally. Darren leading North American, European and LATAM projects with multinational and iconic brand organisations in luxury high performance sports car manufacturing, leading car parts manufacturing, luxury cosmetics and fashion houses, global-scale food and beverage manufacturing, commercial real estate, furniture retail & international hotel and resort groups. Peter leading multinational projects in the APAC & Asia region, ensuring seamless, consistent service delivery in multiple time zones globally.  

-        The SEEITEK + Renteknik team have commenced the first of many secured global projects and will now officially join forces to provide existing and new clients with a dynamic approach which is more value centric,  collaborative, informative and empowering.  

-        Clients will be able to achieve critical and complex objectives such as energy reduction, emissions reduction, asset optimization, productivity loss mitigation, operational improvements and effective future asset procurement strategy planning, as well as mandatory ESG & sustainability compliance reporting.

-        SEEITEK + Renteknik clients will be guaranteed to experience much more value, for much less than all other competitors. Being provided measurable and validated paybacks (ROI) under the industry standard of 2-3 years.  

-        The SEEITEK + Renteknik team with their extensive commercial experience and success will bring ‘additional horsepower’ to client teams when they need it most. Providing valuable and scalable support for already stretched and busy teams. Managers and their teams will experience ease, simplicity and gain confidence.

-        Clients will experience an unrivalled level of expertise and service with highly intuitive and knowledgeable experts and engineers who know exactly what to look for and how it relates to optimizing operations, buildings and equipment efficiency and compliance.

-        The Founders and executive team of SEEITEK and Renteknik have a long-existing relationship with aligned business approaches, visions and goals. The global partnership realizes a mutually beneficial expertise and technology capability expansion plan for both organisations.

“Our partnership with Renteknik Group, which is over a year in the making, is very exciting and is already proving to be a powerful collaboration. By joining forces we’re integrating our extensive capabilities to provide a much-needed enhanced level of responsive technical service, particularly relevant for businesses in the manufacturing, industrial and commercial space where demands for our specialist operational and energy performance management services are most urgent, as they’re the most costly. Our client’s locally and globally, many who have been left unsatisfied with the solutions and service levels of our competitors, will experience much more quantifiable value. They’ll be empowered by our team to do more, see more, know more about where to make changes. And have more, for much less.” said Peter Collins, SEEITEK’s Founder and Managing Director.

“We’re excited to partner with SEEITEK to deliver projects in the APAC and Asia region. SEEITEK has the commercial experience and technical specialist expertise in their regions to deliver complex operational and energy performance projects. We’re confident our extensive energy engineering expertise and our reputation of delivering successful operational & energy efficiency projects globally will bring a lot of added value to SEEITEK’s existing and future clients. As an energy engineering company, we select best-in-class monitoring solutions. We also take away the added burden from clients having to resolve their pain points, figure out how to effectively control and reduce energy consumption, achieve a sustainable and healthy environment through reduced GHG and carbon reductions and keep costs low. We genuinely want to give SEEITEK’s clients what they want by working in their best interests with professional integrity.” said Darren Cooper, President of Renteknik.

The Services Provided by the SEEITEK + Renteknik Group Global Partnership

>  Operational efficiency performance monitoring, energy management information systems (EMIS)

>  Specialist energy engineering – set up, analysis, reporting, installation support services

>  Data discovery engineering analysis & reporting      

>  Existing building commissioning, tuning HVAC/R (full building, systems)

>  Smart meter device, water, gas and compressed air, onsite temperature / environmental monitoring

The Technology Supply & Technical Support Provided by the SEEITEK + Renteknik Group Global Partnership

>  Panoramic Power™ wireless energy monitoring snap-on sensors

>  PowerRadar™ cloud-based energy + operational data management platform

>  ClimaCheck HVAC/R performance analyzer

>  SATiS RTLS (real-time location system) – proximity and environmental sensors

>  KAMSTRUP smart metering solutions  

>  Highly specialized technical advisory – operational performance, energy engineering, energy management

>  Exceptionally responsive & reliable end-to-end client service and project management

About SEEITEK Pty Ltd  

SEEITEK is an Australian-based technology solutions company specializing in optimising the energy and asset performance of operations, buildings and equipment for commercial businesses in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The SEEITEK team, including partner network experts, find & solve critical and complex operational & energy performance problems and opportunities. Utilizing technical experts, installers and engineers, world-best-in-class transparency technology and real-time data analytics. Delivering the best, with ease with exceptionally responsive and reliable local/global support & service.

With over 25+ years of commercial and industrial experience, in operational performance efficiency, HVAC/R, smart facilities and buildings, energy management and IOT, as well as in national and international strategic sales and sales management in the APAC & Asia region, SEEITEK empowers businesses to understand, manage and control their operational and energy performance with confidence.

The SEEITEK team has capability and speed to scale and support the deployment of solutions and complimentary technologies for national and multinational client projects that require innovative and transformative outcomes. Delivering significant operational and energy performance improvements fast, in less than standard 2 – 3-year payback with their medium & large-scale projects. Achieving cost reduction, operational optimisation and asset life-cycle extension. In 2020, SEEITEK became the Exclusive Global Integration Partner Australia for Centrica Business Solutions owned brand Panoramic Power™ wireless real-time energy monitoring & PowerRadar™ software and reporting solutions. SEEITEK connects businesses with simple, affordable world-best-in-class innovation and specialist technical expertise to make operational and energy performance visible.

SEEITEK’s Mission – Making it Visible™, Empowering you with transparency technology™, Delivering the best, with ease™  

About Renteknik Group Inc.

Renteknik Group, based in Canada and established in 2007, specialises in operational & energy efficiency, energy engineering and technology development solutions. The Renteknik team are highly specialised engineers, project managers, supply chain, financial and business specialists with over 25+ years’ experience in the energy management and conservation industry. Renteknik’s team of energy experts and engineers work with clients to empower them to understand and take control of their energy assets, maximize operational efficiency, achieve energy savings and improve productivity and performance.

Since 2012, the team have worked on complex and challenging operational and energy performance projects integrating best-in-class technology globally that required delivering innovative and transformational outcomes. In 2014, Renteknik Group became the Exclusive Global Partner for Canada with global integration coverage for Centrica Business Solutions’ Panoramic Power™ wireless real-time energy monitoring & PowerRadar™ software and reporting solutions. Renteknik Group delivers operational & energy efficiency management and energy engineering projects for companies in Canada and globally, including for iconic brand multinationals in USA, Europe, UK, Asia and Mexico.



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