CASE STUDY - How IoT Works incl. CEMEX Building Materials Case Study - Driving operational efficiency with wireless IOT energy sensor monitoring technology  

May 2, 2024

Use energy insights and the power of IoT to create smart energy infrastructure

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making our world smarter and small, non-invasive wireless sensors are enabling the future.

IoT transforms everyday physical objects into smart objects that collect and exchange data, allowing them to be sensed and controlled remotely, creating opportunities for improved efficiency and profitability.  

Sensors detect and measure changes in an object’s position, temperature, light, etc. Collected data intelligence from everyday objects enables organisations to drive better decision-making, optimise their operations, increase transparency and better understand their infrastructure.

Panoramic Power™  wireless sensors can transform virtually any energy-consuming device into a smart device, tracking performance in real-time.

Manufacturing equipment, HVAC components or lighting systems – these wireless sensors can make them smart, optimised, efficient and more importantly – visible & connected.

Energy insights solutions consist of self-powered, miniature wireless sensors that track energy consumption at the individual circuit breaker level. At the circuit breaker, sensors easily snap onto the outgoing electrical wire that powers each device.

Panoramic Power™ sensors harvest the magnetic field as their power source and begin monitoring and tracking energy flowing to each energy consuming asset. Sensors send data wirelessly every 10 seconds to Centrica’s industry leading cloud-based energy management platform, PowerRadar™, for analysis.

Energy intelligence collected by the wireless sensors is analysed on a custom business rules engine in PowerRadarTM that performs calculations and analysis. Every device has an energy profile, and sensors are able to understand operational patterns and pinpoint inefficiencies.

Predictive analytics and sophisticated real-time alerts about any anomalies can go to your mobile phone or email, to help boost productivity and reduce the risk of costly downtime due to equipment failure.

Centrica’s PowerRadar provides a powerful, detailed and easy to use real-time dashboard system - from site level to individual devices for multi-users on desktop & mobile app for apple and android.

Case Study - CEMEX

One of the world’s biggest producers of building materials,
with operations in more than 50 countries

CEMEX’s industrial-scale plants and equipment consume large quantities of electricity at hundreds of production facilities, quarries, distribution centres and marine terminals. Any energy savings and efficiencies, when applied throughout its operations, would deliver huge financial and production benefits.

Centrica Business Solutions initially deployed its energy insights solution at three CEMEX locations. The deployment involved applying self-powered, Panoramic Power™ wireless sensors to monitor a range of essential machinery, including pumps, conveyors and crushers.

Live data was transmitted to Centrica Business Solutions’ cloud-based analytics platform, PowerRadar™, providing unique, comprehensive and real-time insights into energy consumption and asset performance, identifying inefficiencies, wastage and giving an overview of the overall health of the assets.

Managers could immediately see that the granular data and accompanying reports enabled them to swiftly identify opportunities to save energy, fix under-performing or faulty equipment, and organise maintenance programmes more efficiently.

Detailed analysis of the sensor data in PowerRadar™ showed that an aggregate conveyor motor at one of CEMEX’s quarries was overloading and tripping out, creating a bottle neck in the process. Fixing it immediately increased production. When added to further energy saving measures made possible by the PowerRadar™ analysis, the solution delivered significant annual savings.

As a result of the outcomes achieved from the initial deployment, CEMEX rapidly expanded its use of the technology with more than 1,600 sensors now monitoring equipment at 42 of its quarries.

RESULTS – Significant direct cost savings, ease of installation and use, efficiency improvements

  • Detailed analysis of energy data allowed CEMEX to quickly identify faulty equipment, resulting in significant operational cost savings
  • Ease of deployment of the wireless sensors allowed rapid installation without any disruption to the plant operations, saving time & money
  • Predictive maintenance alerts helped extend the life of important assets, saving time & money.
"The energy insight solution has provided
valuable equipment level information
across a broad range of our sites, allowing
us to implement energy reduction and
process optimisation improvements.”

Michael Greer,
Energy Manager, CEMEX UK

This case study with permission from Centrica Business Solutions and Panoramic Power