Video - Meet the SMARTCOOL ECO3™ Product Video - Exclusively available in Australia from SEEITEK

April 9, 2024

ENERGY INSIGHT - Here’s the next big thing in #energyefficiency achieving 30% avg results fast.

Its how you go beyond solar. BONUS you can get state govt #energysavings rebates for this solution!

It's huge in Europe and now available here in Australia.

No other HVAC/R tech in the world does this.

And gets avg 30% energy cost reduction results in 2yrs or less ROI. Proven & guaranteed.

It's right now successfully helping thousands of businesses deal with their energy price rises. And it's now available in Australia to help our busineses too.

The SMARTCOOL™ ECO3™ ensures your compressor (electric motor) cycles are optimised, running in their most efficient state.

It’s very clever because it’s worth knowing:

- Compressors use a lot of energy in buildings – up to 70%.

- Thermostats are incapable of achieving max efficiency for the cycles in air conditioning, heat pumps & refrigeration systems.

The ECO3™ resolves this shortcoming, easily.Installed world-wide 35,000+ times already for leading big brands, the ECO3™ retrofits to any commercial A/C, heatpump or refridgeration system, without any risks to warranty.

Already installed 35,000+ times globally by leading global brands with proven significant results.

The ECO3™ & ESM™ Smartcool Systems Inc. unrivalled HVAC/R #compressor optimisation technology is a unique retrofit solution that fast tracks energy cost savings and #emissionsreduction, in a cost-effective way.

See what it can do for your commercial or industrial  systems, large or small.

Significant savings are being achieved in a very fast ROI, even on most modern, high efficiency #airconditioning #heatpumps #chillers or #refrigeration equipment.

And to verify savings, using IPMVP standard option B, SMARTCOOL combined with Panoramic Power (a Centrica Company) wireless device-level real-time #energymonitoring can be easily installed. The PowerRadar data analytics and dashboard are best in class.

The solution is simple with fast payback. State government  rebate programs are applicable for this solution.

To find out more watch this video. And get in touch with our energy experts to learn how the ECO3™ and rebates can help your business reduce energy costs & emissions today.

Smartcool Systems Inc. solutions are now exclusively available, fully installed, in Australia from SEEITEK

Contact our energy experts for more information, case studies and a FREE site equipment review.