CASE STUDY - Proactive energy management reduces waste at Pincroft

April 12, 2024

Pincroft proactively manages energy consumption across their plant – enabling energy waste reduction, improving their environmental impact

Pincroft is one of Europe’s largest commission textile finishers, finishing a diverse range of fabrics that are exported to more than 80 countries worldwide. Their 376,000 sq. ft textile finishing plant houses state-of-the-art machinery to ensure the highest quality and performance of their fabrics.

Pincroft’s operations are very energy intensive, requiring large amounts of hot water and steam alongside a substantial amount of electricity. They believed energy was being wasted across their operations, however  they did not have the visibility required across their energy consuming assets to prove this and take corrective actions.

Recognising both the environmental and economic benefits of minimising energy waste, Pincroft began to explore options to gain this visibility. This led to Pincroft partnering with Centrica Business Solutions to implement an energy insights solution.

Non-intrusive Panoramic Power™ sensors were deployed, collecting real-time energy data from over 100 sources across critical energy-consuming assets. In addition, they leveraged Panoramic Power communication bridges to capture third party meter monitoring their hot and cold water, steam and gas, alongside their production lines output.

“Panoramic Power plays a big part in
maintaining operational excellence at our
facility. Once you’ve had these insights,
you wouldn’t want to be without it”

Mike Collins
Managing Director - Pincroft