Video - For device-level energy data monitoring, best-in-class is Panoramic Power™

April 9, 2024

3 ENERGY INSIGHT TRENDS we’re seeing with our SME to multinational clients who want to meet #energyreduction targets fast, in a cost-effective way.

1. They don’t have energy data detailed enough to report accurately, as #submetering at board level doesn't go far enough

2. They can't measure usage, as they don’t have ANY energy monitoring data

3.They’re paying for expensive off-the-shelf energy data analytics & reporting solutions that aren’t customisable for metrics that matter to them. So they can't get exactly what they need.

PLUS they're wasting time compiling data from so many sources it feels way too hard.

Our clients say this top 3 is making it difficult and costly for them to:- reach reduction targets effectively & maximise energy savings- make informed and accruate #energymanagement decisions- manage their time

The simple solution for all 3, which they now deploy and enjoy, is device-level or circuit-level #wireless #energymonitoring and real-time energy data analytics that are scaleable and customisable.

The Panoramic Power. A Centrica Business Solutions Company™ solution of snap-on wireless sensors and PowerRadar™ data analytics platform is the world’s best-in-class solution. It's unrivalled for superior energy data visibility with precision accuracy.

And here's just two reasons why:

1. You can see your entire #operationmanagement and processes, for single and multiple sites, located anywhere in the world, on one easy-to-use and interpret dashboard.

2. You can have 24/7 control of consumption patterns of each piece of equipment to identify and measure performance inefficiencies and manage costs with alerts and customised reporting.To find out more, take a look at this video and visit

To see just how much it can do for your business talk to our energy experts or book a FREE demo today at

Remember not all energy management solutions to report data analytics are the same.

Get what you really need. Know you can get much more, for much less.

Panoramic Power. A Centrica Business Solutions Company is available exclusively in Australia from SEEITEK and our premium partners.