Video - Is this you waiting for someone to actually make solving your energy problems easier

April 9, 2024

Which Meerkat are you? 😆

Get in touch if you need to feel more satisfied with your energy efficiency specialist and energy management system.

You can have exceptionand service.

As global partners SEEITEK + Renteknik Group Inc. we’re making energy management easier and more cost-effective for our clients Australia-wide, in APAC region and globally.

We’re delivering seamless service for our iconic brand, multinational to medium-size local business clients who are on a journey to achieve energy excellence.

Our team led by energy engineer Darren Cooper, P.Eng. FAEE & Peter Collins find your phantom energy consumption & emissions within buildings and equipment, helping you get the edge and meet your targets fast.

Knowing leading systems and how to stretch them, we can go beyond your BMS’ and existing submetering system limitations to deliver significant results quickly with wireless and granular circuit level real-time actionable energy intelligence.

We'll help you find what is running, when its not supposed to. This insight will save you so much time and $$$.

If you’re tired of waiting for someone or your system to actually resolve your energy problems properly and give you more ease, speak to us.

Get started, get in touch today.